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18) So, there we have it - the pure logic of the virgin birth.
Are we, then, to suppose that our forebears who believed implicity in the Virgin Birth were gullible fools, whereas we, who would no more believe in such notions than we would that the world is flat, have put aside childish things and become mature?
Protestants are also more likely to believe in God (92%), %); that Jesus is God or the Son of God (91%); heaven (90%); angels (88%); the resurrection of Jesus (88%); miracles (87%); the survival of the soul (85%); the virgin birth (79%); the devil (77%) and hell (73%).
SOME Catholic priests don't believe in God while others think the virgin birth is "nonsensical," a former seminarian has claimed.
In the 21st century it's rather worrying that we have grown men believing in the so called "miracle" of the virgin birth.
SCULPTURES of a vicar who works as a professional clown and a bishop who questioned the virgin birth are on display in the city.
He covers Christological methods, the election of Jesus Christ, the pre-existence of Christ, the fittingness of the virgin birth, Christ and the embryo, whether Christ was sinless or impeccable, materialist Christology, and multiple incarnations.
However, I am not convinced we currently have that open climate; especially when statements like "must be believed by Christians," and not sharing a belief in the virgin birth "undermines the whole authority of scripture" are used.
That suggests to many that none of John's sources knew the Bethlehem or the Virgin birth traditions, or if they did, they didn't believe them.
According to the Archbishop of Canterbury, it's ok if you don't want to believe in the Virgin Birth and the Three Wise Men.
Scientology is no more ridiculous than the virgin birth really.
His declaration that the virgin birth was not written until 80 years after the event, thus inferring it is false, is easily removed - though even were it true, so what?