theater of the absurd

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theater of the absurd:

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plays produced in the Western world. This article discusses the development of Western drama in general; for further information see the various national literature articles.
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It is Havel's way of proclaiming his oneness with the audience, fellow pretenders who, within the confines of the theater of the absurd, can participate in the gallows humor of The Beggar's Opera.
SOMETIMES, STANDARD OPER-Sating procedure starts to look like theater of the absurd.
This is public policy crafted in the theater of the absurd and acted out by political demagogues.
In the full-evening La Tristeza Complice ("Shared Sadness") he has produced a characteristic streetscape alive with sight, sound, and feeling, a down-and-dirty, unsentimental theater of the absurd.
Avant-garde writer, a founder and one of the most important playwrights of the Theater of the Absurd.
In an interesting but problematic attempt to situate Kennedy's work in a 19th-century tradition of American transcendentalism, a 20th-century tradition of the theater of the absurd, and a feminist tradition of black women's autobiographical writings which includes work by Toni Morrison and Paule Marshall, co-editor Paul Bryant-Jackson examines a sampling of female "protagonists" extracted from early works such as The Owl Answers and A Rat's Mass, as well as the recent work She Talks to Beethoven (1987).
As a journalist based in California, Anderson has had a ringside seat on reality's Theater of the Absurd.
If that's not the true theater of the absurd, then nothing is.
Essays by those in theater, performance, and eco-criticism examine the roots and branches of the Theater of the Absurd in environmentalism.
Also, he would take the theater of the absurd over the classics any time.
When it comes to municipal tax rates, the Worcester City Council has staged a long-running theater of the absurd that would make any modernist playwright proud.
Topping off this extraordinary package is Malle's first film, a short student pic called "Crazeologie" (1953)--a little bit Dada, a little bit theater of the absurd and a welcome peek at what lay ahead.

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