theater of the absurd

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theater of the absurd:

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plays produced in the Western world. This article discusses the development of Western drama in general; for further information see the various national literature articles.
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It is Havel's way of proclaiming his oneness with the audience, fellow pretenders who, within the confines of the theater of the absurd, can participate in the gallows humor of The Beggar's Opera.
For those interested in more conventional forms of performance, director Rameen Halabi will present her adaptation (in Arabic) of the classic piece of theater of the absurd "The Chairs," by Eugene Ionesco.
Havel won renown as a playwright in the 1960s for his contribution to the Theater of the Absurd.
Bock thus links the theater of the absurd that characterizes his performances to a reflection on the growing relationship between the sacred and the profane in daily life.
The theater of the absurd whereby those who defend their citizens need to be on the defensive has to end.
When it comes to municipal tax rates, the Worcester City Council has staged a long-running theater of the absurd that would make any modernist playwright proud.
Zeus, described by one Register-Guard reporter as "a one-man theater of the absurd," died in 1998 at age 39.
in a game that turned into theater of the absurd when the scoreboard malfunctioned three times in the Hawks' home opener at Philips Arena.
Less reminiscent of theater of the absurd than of a comedy of manners, the dialogue, by an essentially all-male troupe, ebbs and flows within compacted but hardly oppressive confines.
Cronin stresses Beckett's aloofness from politics and literary movements, including "the Dublin literary swim," the theater of the absurd, and Parisian existentialism.
Think Ionesco meets Scorsese -- the mafia colliding with theater of the absurd.

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