therapy group

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therapy group:

see group psychotherapygroup psychotherapy,
a means of changing behavior and emotional patterns, based on the premise that much of human behavior and feeling involves the individual's adaptation and response to other people.
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While these unorthodox therapy groups are seeing some success, Dungeons and Dragons will not be the next groundbreaking therapy tool.
4% of the 54 women in the illicit opioid/opioid substitution therapy group.
Serious adverse events occurred more frequently in the intensive therapy group than in the standard therapy group (38.
2 To measure the effect of REBT Structured Group Counseling towards Grief (GRI), Anxiety (ANX), Stress (STR) and Depression (DEP) by using the pre-test and post test measurement in the statistic analyses of MANCOVA based on subjects gender between the male therapy groups, female therapy groups and control groups.
No statistically significant change of fatigue scores were found between therapy group and placebo group during 4 weeks study period, but fatigue scores in CIS were decreased in the therapy group and placebo group from 2 weeks later to 4 weeks later.
After written informed consent participants were randomly allocated to General Exercise and Manual therapy group (n=22) and General exercise therapy group (n=22) by simple randomization method.
After the 16 weeks of preinduction treatment, changes in oral glucose tolerance test areas under the curve showed significant differences between the oral contraceptives group (a mean increase of 24 mg/dL/hour) and the lifestyle modifications group (a decrease of 1 mg/dL per hour) or the combination therapy group (a decrease of 17 mg/dL/hour).
Resident has been classified into a RUG-IV therapy group on a prior assessment during the resident's current Medicare Part A stay, and
The Krysalis Project passed the remainder of its money to Arty-Folks, an art therapy group for people with mental health problems.
A YOUNG dad whose baby son has cerebral palsy hopes to raise PS1,000 for a therapy group which has helped improve his son's life.
In the therapy group (chemo- and mistletoe therapy) the quartile survival was 259 days, in the control group (chemotherapy only) it was 170 days, amounting to 89 days non-significant survival in favour of the therapy group (p = 0.