thermal barrier

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thermal barrier

[′thər·məl ′bar·ē·ər]
(aerospace engineering)
A limit to the speed of airplanes and rockets in the atmosphere imposed by heat from friction between the aircraft and the air, which weakens and eventually melts the surface of the aircraft. Also known as heat barrier.
(building construction)

Thermal barrier

An element of low heat conductivity placed on an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of heat between highly conductive materials; used in metal window or curtain wall designs in cold climates.

thermal break, thermal barrier

An element of low heat conductivity placed in an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of heat between highly conductive materials; used in some metal window or curtain wall designs intended for installation in cold climates.

thermal barrier

One of the limits to the speed at which an aircraft can fly. Exceeding the limiting speed can result in damage to the structure. A thermal barrier is normally related to aircraft flying at low levels at very high indicated air speeds.
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This is low noise pavement with a thermal barrier coating.
The smoke release is increased 19% more than standard engine for coated 20% and 40% SFME at normal injection, which clearly indicates that the smoke can be reduced for blends in the coated engine with fuel advancing in thermal barrier coated engine.
In the thermal barrier coatings, cracks grew from preexisting defects in the ceramic top coat.
By using a Thermal Barrier users can get a complete thermal profile of their oven.
Thermal barrier coatings play an important role in protecting the pieces that operate at very high temperatures.
Planet Supra' is the first thermal barrier coating to be launched in Oman, and is the only coating to be recognised by the Clinton Climate Initiative for being an efficient environment product.
Chromalloy has announced that its new thermal barrier coating enhances the performance of gas turbine engines.
This multilayered coat is expected to work as a thermal barrier coating for nickel superalloy substrates.
The single largest source of energy loss within a warehouse or storage facility occurs at loading docks when dock-leveling equipment is in use, according to officials from Thermal Barrier Solutions.
The operational temperature for TrackSense[R] Pro Sky is -80[degrees] to +150[degrees]C and up to +400[degrees]C when the data logger is insulated in a thermal barrier.
This spring, a sprayable foam was applied to the 10,000 square feet of ceiling inside the hall and then covered with a thermal barrier that reduced heating costs, lengthened the lifespan of the slate roof and improved acoustics in the hall.
Coverage encompasses thermal barrier coatings on nickel superalloy substrates; silicon nitride ceramics; the integration of piezoelectric ceramics into microelectrochemical systems; the use of microwaves in processing; ceramic and glass matrix composites containing carbon nanotubes; stresses in multilayered ceramics; nano-scale metrology for the characterization of materials; microstrucutral modeling; processing, microstructure, and properties of nanograin barium titanate ceramics; and other topics.