thermal bath

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1. An open tub used as a fixture for bathing.
2. The room containing the bathtub.
3. (pl.) The Roman public bathing establishments, consisting of hot, warm, and cool plunges, sweat rooms, athletic and other facilities; balnea, thermae.
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because the water comes from natural hot springs with a high mineral content thermal baths are not just revitalising, but therapeutic.
Supplies under a framework contract Szechenyi Thermal Bath engineering modernization.
The ancient legacy lives on with a contemporary flair: fine local wines still come from the Rhone Valley below, and the village today features 22 thermal baths fed with natural, 51-degree Celsius mineral springs, which gush continuously at the rate of three million litres a day.
Heating work for the construction of a brine thermal bath.
For seven days I repeated the ritual: thermal bath, massage, breakfast, sunbathe, lunch, swim, sleep, beauty treatment, fantastic dinner.
szentes thermal bath spa and adventure spa building.
Snowfall is frequent and the temperatures are chilly, but it just makes a dip in the thermal baths feel that much better.
Contract Awarded for Balikesir Forest Management Directorate Connected Thermal Baths, Kepsut, Noticeably, Gelendost, Ivrindi, Ranger, Bale, Camucia and the Savastepe Forest Management Units Administration Building and the Coal Purchase for Use in Heating the Housing.
The protocol also seeks the consultation of experts in order to get the maximum benefit of sulphur springs in South Sinai, such as Ayoun Musa in Ras Sedr, Pharaoh's Bath in east of Abu Zenima and the thermal baths of the famous Moses Bath located in Tur Sinai.
The two town's thermal baths, the modern Caracalla Spa and the historic Roman-Irish 'Friedrichsbad' are conducive to relaxation, unique wellness and various spa treatments," says Shibani Phadkar, Senior VP, Thomas Cook(India).