thermal bath

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1. An open tub used as a fixture for bathing.
2. The room containing the bathtub.
3. (pl.) The Roman public bathing establishments, consisting of hot, warm, and cool plunges, sweat rooms, athletic and other facilities; balnea, thermae.
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The thermal bath Bogn Engiadina Scuol (BES) is then just a short bus ride away and immediately impresses me with its colourful, modern design and fantastic views of the Lower Engadine Dolomites.
Visiting Hot Springs and not taking a thermal bath in the 4,000-year-old water is comparable to going to Redwood National Park and never looking up.
In addition, the damping mechanisms that couple the magnetism to the thermal bath also drive the magnetic fluctuations that characterize the superparamagnetic limit of storage density.
In 2008, he invented a handheld massage machine and a thermal bath that both use electromagnetic waves to stimulate better blood circulation.
But Switzerland's most venerable thermal bath town is Baden.
The three-day Margitsziget package costs from pounds 389 and includes return flights, transfers, three nights' bed and breakfast accommodation, one Gala dinner, one massage, a three-day pass for all public transport in Budapest, use of the swimming pool, thermal bath, sauna, fitness room and drinking cure.
Flow from primitive exploitation works (dug well located inside the Thermal Bath of Carapacho and dug well accessible by a gallery, and destroyed by the 1998 earthquake, at Varadouro)
They visited the LukEics GyEgyfE-rdo thermal bath facility, which also offers modernized swimming pools, spa treatments and saunas.
Prices from pounds 250pp including breakfast, one lunch and tickets to the Szechenyl Thermal Bath.
Built on a slope, the tomb is designed to enhance the vertical dimension of the entrance sequence that rises from a massive slate base that emerges from the hillside in rather the way that Peter Zumthor's thermal bath protrudes geologically from its Alpine incline at Vals (AR August 1997).