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The processors pair the company's high-k silicon microarchitecture technology, which helps reduce electron leakage and thermal load, with a 45-nm graphics processing unit (GPU) to deliver computing performance up to three times faster than a typical computer of three years ago.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) contactors, (b) instruments to stop increased thermal load & (c) two air blowers.
Preliminary values needed in equation (3) are all those from Table 1, only the thermal load has a value of [q.
Through an intelligent control system a dry coil section undertakes primary heat dissipation and a wet section is only activated when thermal load, cold water temperature or climate conditions dictate.
I first blamed the two usual suspects: cooling variations created by higher thermal load of the plastic parts near the center of the mold, and plate deflection within the mold.
Continuous thermal load and high pressure are said to cause early breakdown of most materials unless specifically produced for such application.
The main chiller system was restarted by this time and able to retake the thermal load.
HES uses DOE-2, an energy analysis and thermal load simulation program, to calculate heating equipment and thermal distribution efficiencies, infiltration, and thermostat management.
Thus chain degradation, cross linking and crystallization are simultaneous aging effects of the used PA12 powder under high thermal load.
Sensors track the thermal load on the cooling circuit, and the system responds automatically.
The shot temperature of high purity copper would be about 1225F (662C), and this high temperature, coupled with the high energy storage and thermal conductivity of liquid copper, creates a severe thermal load to mold materials.
When key components were re-evaluated for the new thermal load, the safety margins were significantly reduced.