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Orientation movement of a motile organism in response to the stimulus of a temperature gradient.



the movement of freely moving plants and animals as a result of unilateral thermal stimulation. Positive ther-motaxis is movement toward the higher temperature, and negative thermotaxis is movement toward the lower temperature.

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Eisenbach, "Human sperm thermotaxis is mediated by phospholipase C and inositol trisphosphate receptor [Ca.
They also found evidence of thermotaxis with human sperm.
The evidence for thermotaxis is, in my opinion, as good as the evidence for chemotaxis," says Eisenbach.
Since mutants defective in the thermosensory pathway neurons AFD, AIY and AIZ still showed normal thermal avoidance responses, the thermal avoidance mechanism was presumed to involve a separate pathway from thermotaxis.
elegans, it has been shown, by ablating one of the pair of amphidial chemoreceptors or thermoreceptors, that signals from lateral receptors may be pooled for nematode chemotaxis or thermotaxis (Bargmann and Horvitz, 1991; Bargmann et al.
The neural pathway for thermotaxis includes the sensory neuron AFD and the connected interneurons AIY and AIZ (Ref.