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With the acquisition of this additional Luxid WebStudio module, Thieme will be able to manage multiple thesauri easily and autonomously.
with the creation of domain taxonomies and thesauri, so that information resources can be used more efficiently , Blumauer says.
With the use of thesauri in information retrieval systems on the rise, Shiri (library and information studies, U.
It soon became apparent, however, that this would be just the first step; the terms themselves could be used to form actual hierarchical thesauri.
the magnum opus Indexing Languages and Thesauri (Soergel, 1974); and
Metathesaurus: A "thesaurus of thesauri," which serves as a way to harmonize different controlled vocabularies to achieve cross-file searching (Subcommittee on Metadata and Subject Analysis, 1999)
The rule based indexing primarily is applied for multilingual thesauri such as those by Loukachevitch & Dobrov (2002) and Hlava & Hainebach (1996) typically rely on tens of thousands of rules making mainly reference to the presence or non-presence of certain words.
Next, you should find and incorporate thesauri that best describe this ontology.
Unlike most thesauri, WordWeb can also do inverse part of speech matching: lookup a plural word and WordWeb will show plural synonyms.