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This includes the Athena brand of Thin Clients for use with GraphOn Go-Global, Citrix presentation server, Microsoft terminal server and others.
To Contact Devon IT to receive more information about the NTA thin client terminals solution or to arrange for a demonstration, email info@ntavo.
Although our first Thin Clients were developed exclusively using Linux operating systems it has, however, always been our aim to quickly offer a product range covering all operating systems, including Microsoft derivates CE and XPe.
NTAVO thin client solutions are excellent solutions for anyone looking to improve the security and reliability of their computer systems," explained Makoid.
The PXE software enables a thin client terminal on the network to be booted remotely, even though it does not possess an operating system (OS).
IGEL Technology, the leading manufacturer of thin clients, today launched its updated Remote Management Suite, which allows secure remote administration of IGEL thin clients, no matter their number or geographical location.
As businesses grow, NTAVO ThinManage helps system and network administrators deploy and maintain new connected thin client devices and allows them to control and manage the growing number of devices within the enterprise.
The market is full of thin client products that often cost more than desktop PCs," explained Frank Berardelli, President of NexServ Technologies Inc.
The SBA greatly reduces the complexity of a deployed network, frees servers for more productive purposes, eliminates the possibility of boot storms, and improves the overall design and flexibility of a certified diskless thin client network," said Mr.
But we've even broken the barrier this past year with a program embedded in the Windows XP operating system and software for Web Cams that allow videoconferencing via thin client.
Yet despite the cons espoused by Big Blue and others, thin client hardware can now be purchased from a variety of OEMs.