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Domed building with a circular plan, such as the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC.



(also tholus), a round, usually monumental ritual structure, such as a sepulcher or temple. From the 16th to the 12th centuries B.C., tholi were built in Crete, in Greece (for example, the tholos in Epidaurus; 360–330 B.C., architect Polycleitus the Younger), in Delphi (early fourth century B.C., architect Theodorus of Phocaea), and on the western coast of Asia Minor.

The most impressive tholi, which measure as much as 14 m in height and 14 m in diameter and date from the 14th century B.C., were discovered in Mycenae. In Thessaly and Crete, such structures were built as late as the eighth century B.C. Tholi built under burial mounds in the seventh and sixth centuries B.C. have been found in Etruria, and examples from the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. were discovered in Thrace. The examples in Thrace are similar to the crypts of the Zolotoi (Golden) Barrow and the Tsarskii (Royal) Barrow, structures of the fourth century B.C. near Kerch’.


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tholos, 1 at Epidaurus, plan
1. In Greek architecture, any round building.
2. The corbeled, domed tombs of the Mycenaean period.
3. A domed rotunda.
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La integracion territorial de poblados calcoliticos y tholoi presenta ya otras caracteristicas muy diferentes a la de los dolmenes, con una articulacion estrategica de dominio y control en torno a toda la ribera del rio Olivenza (Fig.
No se trata por tanto de una relacion espacial generica con el agua, como en union a otros factores se puede senalar para los dolmenes aparentemente aislados y los tholoi, sino estrecha y centrada en su caracter naciente.
Ese cambio viene expresado en el territorio por nuevas referencias: los poblados calcoliticos localizados en altos estrategicos que controlan el pasillo del Olivenza, ubicados cerca de las mejores tierras, y las nuevas estructuras funerarias como los posibles tholoi de la Mata y la Pestana.
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