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Our findings suggested that VRTN was the responsible gene for the variation of thoracic vertebrae number in sheep.
Spinous process angled angled of 4th through 10th 20-45[degrees] 50-90[degrees] thoracic vertebrae toward tail toward tail 11.
Which is how he came to be enjoying the slopes at Outlane - Huddersfield's own Gstaad - and was later to be found having his thoracic vertebrae X-rayed in Calderdale General Hospital.
We also excluded the posteriormost cervical vertebra (C7) because, in the cervids we examined, C7 is transitional to the thoracic vertebrae.
MRI showed that the thoracic vertebrae and spinal cord terminated at T9.
The spine: Cats have seven cervical vertebrae like almost all mammals including dogs; thirteen thoracic vertebrae (humans have 12); seven lumbar vertebrae (humans have five); three sacral vertebrae like most mammals (humans have five because of their bipedal posture); and 22 or 23 caudal (hind or tail area) vertebrae (humans have three to five, fused into an internal coccyx).
The 18 pairs of ribs, all jointed to the thoracic vertebrae at their upper ends, determine the contour of the chest by their shape and length.
The thoracic vertebrae are larger than the cervical vertebrae but provide much less movement capability.
GV14 Located on the dorsal midline at the depression between the 7th cervical and the 1st thoracic vertebrae.
He broke two thoracic vertebrae, a couple of ribs, punctured a lung, broke his left arm and damaged the radial nerve.