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Host-associated genetic differentiation in Thrips tabaci (Insecta; Thysanoptera), as determined from mt DNA sequence data.
The findings of the present investigation further showed that the botanical pesticides showed effectiveness in reducing thrip population up to one week with maximum reduction (52.
The thrip were seen in more numbers on flowers floral parts as compare to leaves, because it gives shelter from weather condition and help to escape from natural enemies.
Se presento un alto nivel de dependencia espacial en todos los modelos ajustados, que es indicativo de la existencia de relacion espacial entre las observaciones en cada punto de muestreo de Thrips simplex.
Comparative efficacy of bio pesticides and insecticides against tomato thrips (Thrips tabaci lind.
Thrips were collected from 33 species of plants (ornamental and forage fabaceous species, along with nearby weeds), 30 of which are native (Tables 1, 2, 3 and 4).
Potential new insecticides for the control of western flower thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on sweet pepper tomato and lettuce.
El objetivo de este trabajo fue identificar las especies de thrips asociadas a especies vegetales presentes en una localidad del Cerro de la Muerte en Costa Rica, Centro America y comentar sobre su biologia.
tabaci is controlled mainly by means of chemical products, but their efficiency in the control of thrips is low, and high amounts of insecticides are required because the insects have a high escape capacity, high reproductive rate, fast development rate and low sensitivity to the insecticides (BACCI et al.
Studies were conducted to investigate the performance of eight Bt and five non-Bt cotton genotypes against whitefly and thrips and impact of abiotic factors on the population fluctuation of these sucking pests, at Cotton Research Station, Multan , during 2010 and 2011.
There's a new weapon in the battle against thrips, tiny inspects that pierce and suck fluids from hundreds of plants, including tomatoes.