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(aerospace engineering)
The varying of the thrust of a rocket engine during powered flight.
(control systems)
Control by means of intermediate steps between full on and full off.
An adiabatic, irreversible process in which a gas expands by passing from one chamber to another chamber which is at a lower pressure than the first chamber.



the flow of a fluid, vapor, or gas through a throttle—a local hydrodynamic resistance to a current (narrowing of a pipe, valve, or tap)—during which there is a change in pressure and temperature (the Joule-Thomson effect). The throttling effect is used mainly for copious cooling and liquefaction of gases. It is widely used to measure and regulate the consumption of liquids and gases.

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That data would suggest Verizon is already throttling speeds of streamers using its network to watch video content-a practice that is technically a violation of the rules of net neutrality, though a recent vote by the Federal Communications Commission that stripped broadband internet of its public utility classification would make it difficult to enforce those rules.
Today's blog post noted that Power Throttling currently only works with machines with Intel's Speed Shift technology, which is in Intel's sixth generation and beyond Skylake/Kaby Lake Core processors.
EFF then published its findings in the graph (below), showing that T-Mobile was in fact throttling video from all content providers, instead of detecting where a particular video stream was coming from.
In September 2013, TracFone began making some disclosures about throttling unlimited plans, but they were usually not clear or the print was too small for a consumer to notice them, the FTC said.
The rapid convergence of the entertainment and Internet industries has enabled the delivery of high-quality video, and these throttling tactics represent growing pains as ISPs resist inevitable change," said Gilles BianRosa, CEO of Vuze.
The technology developed from this effort will help engineers successfully design future cryogenic engines to meet the throttling requirements of the Constellation Program's Altair lunar lander," Kim said.
A Verizon spokesman told the Journal it "delivers video content at the resolution provided by the host service, whether that's Netflix or any other provider," while AT&T's senior executive vice president of external and legislative affairs said they were "outraged to learn that Netflix is apparently throttling video for their AT&T customers without their knowledge or consent.
Network Composer also provides the tools necessary for managing security and performance, such as blocking threats, prioritizing mission-critical applications and throttling back non-essential traffic.
Brown claims to have discovered code within Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad that proves carriers are intentionally throttling data speeds.
The graph in figure 2, reporting results on an MCT 150, emphasizes the effects of throttling to the purpose of keeping down the extrusion-temperature and thereby achieving a very respectable output.