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(aerospace engineering)
The varying of the thrust of a rocket engine during powered flight.
(control systems)
Control by means of intermediate steps between full on and full off.
An adiabatic, irreversible process in which a gas expands by passing from one chamber to another chamber which is at a lower pressure than the first chamber.



the flow of a fluid, vapor, or gas through a throttle—a local hydrodynamic resistance to a current (narrowing of a pipe, valve, or tap)—during which there is a change in pressure and temperature (the Joule-Thomson effect). The throttling effect is used mainly for copious cooling and liquefaction of gases. It is widely used to measure and regulate the consumption of liquids and gases.

References in classic literature ?
Simon Nishikanta was fiendish in his descriptions of whatever miscreant had done the deed and of how he should be made to suffer for it, while Grimshaw clenched and repeatedly clenched his great hands as if throttling some throat.
The result was that he was slowly throttling White Fang.
The next instant Martin's right hand had shot to a throttling clutch on his throat, and he was being shaken till his teeth rattled.