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(aerospace engineering)
The varying of the thrust of a rocket engine during powered flight.
(control systems)
Control by means of intermediate steps between full on and full off.
An adiabatic, irreversible process in which a gas expands by passing from one chamber to another chamber which is at a lower pressure than the first chamber.



the flow of a fluid, vapor, or gas through a throttle—a local hydrodynamic resistance to a current (narrowing of a pipe, valve, or tap)—during which there is a change in pressure and temperature (the Joule-Thomson effect). The throttling effect is used mainly for copious cooling and liquefaction of gases. It is widely used to measure and regulate the consumption of liquids and gases.

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According to the FTC's complaint, consumers in AT&T focus groups strongly objected to the idea of a throttling program and felt "unlimited should mean unlimited.
Carriers consider data throttling a necessary evil that enables them to maintain the overall integrity of their service.
The rapid convergence of the entertainment and Internet industries has enabled the delivery of high-quality video, and these throttling tactics represent growing pains as ISPs resist inevitable change," said Gilles BianRosa, CEO of Vuze.
IO Throttling was developed based on a strong demand from many of our key customers.
The results in table 1 show that it is necessary to use the control-parameter of throttling, as well as other parameters concerned with the production of a really stable and controlled rolling bank in the extruder-inlet to provide uniformity to the ever more exacting standards of statistical process control for tread, hose and other profile extrusion.
Virus Throttling for ProCurve Switch 5300xl series from ProCurve by HP is a tool that detects virus-like activity as traffic enters the LAN and passes through the network switch.
Our high-performance capabilities cleanse the network of non-legitimate traffic, malicious traffic and malformed packets while throttling non-mission critical applications to optimize network performance," said TippingPoint's Chief Technology Officer Marc Willebeek-LeMair.
In service provider networks, Allot's QoS and service level agreement (SLA) enforcement solutions maximize return on investment (ROI) by managing over-subscription, throttling P2P traffic and delivering tiered services and classes of service.
In service provider networks, Allot's QoS/SLA enforcement solutions maximize ROI by managing over-subscription, throttling P2P traffic on upstream and downstream links and delivering tiered services and classes of service.
Intel designed the Pentium 4 processor with built-in throttling (a reduction in the clockspeed when the CPU encounters excessive heat).