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["Squeak: A Language for Communicating with Mice", L. Cardelli et al, Comp Graphics 19(3):199-204, July 1985].

See Newsqueak.

2. A Smalltalk implementation and a media authoring tool by members of the original Xerox PARC team which created Smalltalk (Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls, et al). Squeak is an open-source implementation, with a highly portable virtual machine implemented in a subset of Smalltalk (translated into C and compiled by a C compiler of the target platform).

Squeak Home.



An open source, full-featured implementation of the Smalltalk programming language that is widely used in multimedia applications and educational teaching projects. Squeak is object-oriented and reflective, and it includes class libraries and virtual machine plug-ins for numerous multimedia programs. The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative utilizes Squeak in its Etoys application for learning science and math. For more information, visit www.squeak.org. See Smalltalk and OLPC.
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