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A tingling sensation of the skin or a mucous membrane following light, tactile stimulation.


(text, tool)
A text editor, file translator and TCL interpreter for the Macintosh.

Version 5.0v1. The text editor breaks the 32K limit (like MPW).

The file translation utilities support drag and drop handling via tcl scripts of BinHex, MacBinary, Apple Computer Single/Double, StuffIt (with engine), Unix compress, Unix tar and UUencode files as well as text translation.

Tickle implements tcl 7.0 with tclX extensions and Macintosh equivalents of Unix's ls, pwd, cd commands. It provides Macintosh access to Resource Manager, Communications Toolbox, OSA Components (and AppleScript), Editions (publish and subscribe) and Apple Events (including AEBuild and AEPrint). OSA Script support allows programming of any OSA scripting component within Tickle interpreter windows. It provides the OSAtcl and OSAJ J/APL extensions and creates "Ticklets" which are small application programs that carry only the tcl script and use code in the OSAtcl component to drive an application that allows drag and drop with tcl scripts. Tickle is scriptable and recordable.


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References in classic literature ?
There was a delicious tickle of wickedness about it.
He stooped to tickle James, who had finished stropping his claws and was now enjoying a friction massage against his leg, and began to brood on the inscrutable way of Fate.
They were tickles of the something destined to grow into daily and deadly desire.
com), a Toronto-based studio specializing in new media for kids, to acquire the award-winning Tickle Tap apps series and the company's 10-person development team.
Dear Professor Science, Why can't you tickle yourself?
On a cold and dark April evening Mills and Reeve batted first and scored 123-5 with John Tickle opening the batting and hitting 35 before retiring.
Some primates, or animal group that includes monkeys, lemurs, apes, and humans, pant with delight as they chase and tickle each other.
However, they will be waiting nervously on news of Danny Tickle, who limped off the field in the first-half with an apparent hamstring injury.
When I tickle Harry, my horse's belly he lifts his back leg up like a dog and my other horse, Billy gives me kisses on my face.
Steve Tickle and Shaun Hollywood of SixteenK created a free "keepie uppie" game called iBallsUP.
March 10 2010 -- UK animal feed manufacturer B Tickle & Sons has secured a [pounds sterling]250,000 working capital facility from NatWest Bank to support a seasonal increase in demand for its products.
The 26-year-old star, who found fame on Brookside, and her husband, Rob Tickle, were said to be "delighted".