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dyeing method used by hand-loom weavers of ancient times. It became popular during the craft revival of the 1960s. The fabric to be colored is tied or knotted at intervals before being placed in the dye; the knotted areas remain untouched by the dye and create random patterns frequently resulting in a sunburst effect. Tie-dyeing is currently popular for the decoration of wall hangings and casual apparel.


See K. Kreider, Tie-Dye (1989).

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Adult participants will make collages, create bubbles and do some tie-dyeing.
They took part in a range of activities with a Caribbean theme, including making fruit smoothies, tie-dyeing T-shirts, making garlands and sampling Caribbean food.
Special opening-day events included performances by The Beatles look-alike band Back Beat (introduced by an Ed Sullivan impersonator), T-shirt tie-dyeing storytelling and a hippie dress-up contest for kids.
WHEN TODAY'S TEACHERS WERE KIDS themselves, when hippies were in their heyday, tie-dyeing was a popular craft.