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see kettledrumkettledrum,
in music, percussion instrument consisting of a hemispherical metal vessel over which a membrane is stretched, played with soft-headed wooden drumsticks. Of ancient origin, it appeared early in Europe, probably imported from the Middle East by crusaders in the 12th
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Shallow, hand-tuned cavalry-style kettle drums were used for Beethoven's Symphony No 2, but there was no appreciable difference in tone from modern pedal timpani otherwise used throughout.
Three to note from Newmarket's juvenile day Forward Thinker 5th, 7f fillies' novice median auction It paid to be handy, with winner Timpani and runner-up Left Alone prominent throughout, whereas Forward Thinker was closer to the rear.
Beethoven ensured the work had sufficient showy moments for soloist and orchestra, including unusual interplay between piano and timpani.
Also from Thurston High School, Sean Bacon placed third in mallets; Matt Dehne placed third in timpani, and Donals Inglese placed third in rudimental snare.
The second movement, titled "The Flight of Eagles," begins in a wonderfully dramatic way, with a timpani roll accompanied by new and dissonant upward flourishes throughout the winds and strings.
He's included some unique vibrato violin and tablalike timpani that subtly refer to the continent where Ramakrishna had such a profound impact.
Instrumentation can be no larger than the following: 1 flute (no double to piccolo), 2 oboes (no doubles to English horn), 1 clarinet (A or B flat, no bass or e flat), 1 bassoon, 2 French horns, 1 trumpet, 1 timpani player (2 drums maximum), can include ad lib percussion (drum set and a few auxiliary instruments) violin I and II, viola, cello and bass - no divisis for any of the strings
The family moved to Caracas and the talented youngster played timpani with the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra.
By Anne Midgette WASHINGTONAuJauvon Gilliam, for seven years a timpanist with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, really, really wanted to win the vacant timpani position with the National Symphony Orchestra when the opening was announced last year.
Bristling with equipment, the Sunflower Theater's stage boasted two drum kits, a marimbaphone, a collection of timpani and several black-clothed tables bearing bowls and cups as if a magic show was about to take place.
Hard-beater timpani and no-holds-barred natural trumpets added their pungency to the woodwind-rich textures of Mozart's E-flat Piano Concerto no.
We Carry On" kicks off with gong and timpani, then piles on oscillating bass, ambient drones, and metallic dissonances.