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Covering or preserving with tin.
A protective coating of tin.



the deposition of a thin layer of tin on the surfaces of sheets, strips, wires, and other articles and semifinished products made chiefly of metal (steel and copper).

Metals are tinned to protect them from corrosion. In one tinning method the article is immersed in molten tin and in the other method the tin is deposited on the surfaces by the passage of an electrical current through the bath with an electrolyte in which the article is immersed. The inner surfaces of vessels used to preserve food products are tin-plated, as are the surfaces of certain machine parts and other items.

tinning, precoating

Coating a metal with solder or tin alloy, prior to soldering or brazing it.
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Demand for tin is now closely balanced in its two leading applications, the production of tin-plate and solders.
In 1811 the Brummie tin-plate worker John Simpson invented a lamp which he called 'Palmer's Birmingham Economic Lamp'.
The screening cans have tin-plate copper bodies and tin-plate brass lids.
The tin-plate industry receives extensive coverage with details of plant construction & design and tinplate performance.
Specifically, CSN holds approximately one third of the market share for hot and cold rolled products, two thirds for galvanized products, and dominates the market for tin-plate products.