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stainer, coloring pigment, tinter

A pigment or dye which is used to impart color to paints.
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Preservative label limits may not make effective preservation possible for all tinters under some currently envisioned low- or no-VOC, no-formaldehyde provisions.
Although the inclusion of a white tinter in the system does allow an infinite number of white bases, costs and excipient-induced weaknesses are heavy prices to pay.
This includes our range of high-performance coatings which utilizes a range of industrial tinters custom made to work off the same data base as our architectural tinters.
The "un-invitation" packet contained a mock road sign marked Tinter Traffic Cafe, with a whimsical invitation message on the back detailing the donation in the "un-invitee's" name in a creative series of quips interspersed with road signs.
Tinter will be responsible for overseeing the online retailer's strategic functions, including competitive research, partnerships and acquisitions, and long-term business planning.
This is a great resource for consumers who want to better understand local number portability," Tinter said.
As part of the process, Amex required California Software to change accounting firms, and the new firm, Stark Tinter & Associates, LLC, identified the revenue booking issue.
com Chief Executive Officer: Marc Geman Chief Financial Officer: Arnold Tinter Public Relations Contact: Kathryn Leibovic Business number: 303/296-9800 E-mail address: kleibovic@bayviewtech.
The company's new accounting firm, Stark Tinter & Associates LLC, anticipates that its audit will be completed in September.
Jo Hansford, hailed by American Vogue as "the best tinter on the planet," has signed a three-year agreement with Lamaur with options of renewal.
The MiX-Rite(R) system integrates the company's spectrophotometer, computer, paint formulation software and label printer with the store's automatic tinter.
California Software's CFO Larry Jagiello stated, "We are still finalizing the numbers and will be working with our independent auditors, Stark, Tinter & Associates over the next few months to finalize our annual audit, but the preliminary sales revenues are anticipated to be higher than Q-4 1999.