tinting strength

tinting strength, staining power

The ability of a pigment to modify the color of a standard white or colored paint.
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As in other applications, the increasing use of more expensive products that afford greater tinting strength and yet remain environmentally eco-friendly will help drive value gains.
3] content; exceptional chemical purity, fine grains and good dispersability; good tinting strength and color saturation; low color variation; and, low heavy metals content.
This new production line enables the production of chrome rutile yellows revealing premium high tinting strength pigments.
Formulated to offer chemical, temperature, and weathering resistance and high tinting strength, Yellow 2550 has a high level of chromaticity.
Macrolex dyes have good transparency, high tinting strength and ease of use.
Each product has its own defining characteristics, such as thermal stability, tinting strength, lightfastness, weather stability and brilliance, explains Ralf-Gerhard KE[micro]nig, head of the Global Competence Center Plastics in the Inorganic Pigments (IPG) business unit.
The outputs of this research were spread rate, color (L*, a*, b*) and tinting strength.
Tinting strength increases with diminishing particle size.
With their small and homogenous particle size and high pigment content, only small amounts of the microgranules are required to achieve full tinting strength, gloss, transparency, and intensity.
The high tinting strength and stability of carbon black also makes it useful in coloring of resins and films.
We are pleased with new products in the R&D pipeline that will provide higher tinting strength for conventional and encapsulated grades of bismuth vanadate in the near future.
Also supplies Firesheild and Thermoguard antimony oxide in various particle sizes, including ultrafine grades that preserve the physical properties of resins and grades that have lower tinting strength, which can save on coloring costs.