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Titanium alloy is often used as the material of the blade of aviation engine.
To address the aforementioned challenges faced by conventional titanium alloy manufacturing technologies, Norsk, a Norway-based additive manufacturing company, developed the novel titanium alloy additive manufacturing technique termed RPD technology.
The titanium alloy powders are being developed for use in additive manufacturing applications, including 3D printing.
The aim of this work is to study the impact of boriding on the structure and properties of titanium alloy.
Recently, with improvement in technologies, a new group of titanium alloy such as shape memory alloy- nickel-titanium (NiTi) has been developed for biomedical applications.
However, corrosion behavior of pure titanium and titanium alloy investigated in artificial saliva are significantly affected by the presence of fluoride ions (added by NaF) as proven by electrochemical methods.
Machining of titanium alloys and composites for aerospace applications.
in 2011 in Chagzhou, Jiangsu Province of China, mainly making titanium alloy, nickel alloy, and special steels reaching 6,000 tonnes annually.
2011) Wear behavior of a new titanium alloy in biological conditions, Accepted for volume of conference proceedings EHB
World trends in the development of the technology of production of ingots of creep-resisting titanium alloys and semifinished products and its alloys for the manufacture of components are practically identical for the leading aviation companies, i.
3) Recent results also showed that the titanium alloy is highly susceptible to hot corrosion.
firm to manufacture and sell Kobe Steel's next-generation titanium alloy.