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A program, similar to telnet, used to connect to remote IBM mainframe hosts, many of which do not understand telnet. The program emulates a 3270-type terminal.

For many tn3270 versions, the "clear screen" function is activated by typing Control-Z. When logged on to an IBM host and "HOLDING" or "MORE..." appears at the lower right corner of the screen, the "clear screen" function must be entered to display the next screen. tn3270 emulations usually include function key definitions.


(TelNet 3270) A client program that included the 3270 protocol for logging into IBM mainframes. Using the TCP/IP networking protocol, it was widely used to connect a desktop computer to a mainframe and emulate a mainframe terminal (3270) session.
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For instance, knowing that TN3270 is needed, a basic prerequisite goal could be established: In order to access the catalog over the Web, a TN3270 package must be installed.
As for Administrative Computing, TN3270 provides effective support for their administrative mission.
With native mainframe support, SSH Tectia is now an ideal solution to easily and cost-effectively secure file transfers, system administration, and other TN3270 applications running on IBM mainframes.
With IBM's Communications Server for AIX serving as an SNA gateway and IBM's SNA Client Access for AIX acting as a TN3270 server, Galileo accomplished all of its objectives at the same time.
Eicon also offers other web-to-host solutions, such as Aviva for Java, a true "thin-client" emulator providing full-function and secure TN3270 host access across intranets and the Internet, featuring a rich set of APIs and JavaBeans for customization according to an enterprise's e-business requirements.
The wireless PCMCIA adapters allow the Compaq notebook computers running TN3270 terminal emulation to access the clinic's existing wired client/server network or communicate on a peer-to-peer basis with other mobile systems within the same clinic site.
WebClient works in conjunction with the Cisco TN3270 Server available on the Channel Interface Processor (CIP) and Channel Port Adapter (CPA) as well as other industry-standard TN3270 gateways.