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1. The archetypal really stupid application for an embedded microprocessor controller; often used in comments that imply that a scheme is inappropriate technology (but see elevator controller). "DWIM for an assembler? That'd be as silly as running Unix on your toaster!"

2. A very, very dumb computer. "You could run this program on any dumb toaster."

See bitty box, Get a real computer!, toy, beige toaster.

3. A Macintosh, especially the Classic Mac. Some hold that this is implied by sense 2.

4. A peripheral device. "I bought my box without toasters, but since then I've added two boards and a second disk drive".

This is not usually to be taken literally but, to show off the expansion capabilities of the Risc PC, Acorn Computers Ltd. built a seven-slice machine (which they called "the rocket-ship") and installed every imaginable peripheral. In a spare drive bay of the top slice they installed a toaster. This machine was exhibited at various shows where it attracted attention by occasionally ejecting a pizza.
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Two fire crews, one from Coulby Newham Fire Station, one from Stockton Fire Station, were sent to the house where a toaster had caught fire.
Cooked to perfection in the toaster as slightly thinner than traditional crumpets - good crispy top and side with a nice squishy centre.
OOZE FACTOR: Butter found its way all the way through SCORE: 4/5 Kingsmill 6 Square Crumpets, Tesco, PS1 | | COOKED to perfection in the toaster as slightly thinner than traditional crumpets - good crispy top and side with a nice squishy centre.
Media and other corporate inquiries haven't stopped since we introduced the Selfie Toaster just over a year ago," Galen Dively, President of VNTC, says smiling.
The two–slice Morphy Richards Chroma toaster was voted the best out of 19 models tested by Which?
A [euro]37 Breville four-slice toaster was second, followed by a [euro]30 Russell Hobbs Easy Toaster and a Hotpoint model for [euro]50.
com/2014/07/16/how-you-make-selfie-toast/) Mashable writer Lance Ulanoff tested the bread toaster himself (see (http://rack.
A fire service spokesman said the toaster had been left unattended on the cooker which was also switched on.
com Two slice toaster with smooth brushed stainless steel and black body.
To stop your toaster smoking or even catching fire, you should give your toaster a good clean once a month.
Melbourne, August 19 (ANI): The Morphy Richards toaster, which was given as a wedding present to British man Andrew Martin and his young bride, is still popping after more than 60 years.
Consumers may think they've seen it all when they look upon the Radio Toaster from OBH Nordica, which the company launched in its first appearance at an International Home + Housewares Show in March.