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1. a garment worn by citizens of ancient Rome, consisting of a piece of cloth draped around the body
2. the official vestment of certain offices



an outer garment worn by citizens of ancient Rome. A type of robe, the toga was usually made of white wool; the togas of equites (knights) and senators were decorated with a purple border. The all-white toga candida was worn by those seeking public office (hence the word “candidate”).

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In Europe and Mexico, where trials on the TOGA procedure have been conducted for several years, patients have lost about 40 percent of their excess weight.
One of the reasons the Ehrichs were sent on their mission Friday is that celebration organizers want to top the toga party record again.
There are plans to develop and expand our projects further and we are grateful for the timely motivation by the minister today, Mr Toga added.
after the event is over and still seeing people in togas.
In a sea of white bedsheets, Anthony Allen's toga truly stood out.
The Toga Group develops hotels, residential apartments and mixed use projects including retail and commercial across Australia, New Zealand and Europe, largely under the Adina, Vibe and Travelodge brands.
A PSYCHIATRIST who hosted a wild toga party where a guest died from a drugs overdose has been kicked out of the profession.
Event organizers meet to work out last-minute details in preparation for this year's toga party in Cottage Grove.