tongue-and-groove boards

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Descriptive of brick, lumber, or stone which has been prepared, shaped, or finished by cutting, planing, rubbing, or sanding one or more of its faces.

dressed and matched boards, D and M boards, dressed and matched lumber, planed matchboards, tongue-and-groove boards

dressed and matched boards
Boards or lumber that has been planed smooth; cut so that a tongue along one edge fits into a groove cut along the edge of the adjacent piece.
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THREE Attach the first tongue-and-groove board with the groove side butting into the corner, and then nail each side.
The easiest approach is to temporarily assemble the tongue-and-groove boards, using clamps if needed to draw them tight together.
Glue and nail tongue-and-groove boards to it to form the cabinet back.
A power miter box simplifies cutting the tongue-and-groove boards to length and mitering the moldings and shelves.
Start your wainscoting project by replacing your door and window trim with the same species of wood as your tongue-and-groove boards.
Construction adhesive and a pneumatic trim nailer make installing the tongue-and-groove boards a breeze
Figure out approximately how many full-length tongue-and-groove boards you'll need and cut them 59-3/4 in.
For a professional-looking job, when butting ends of tongue-and-groove boards together, create a V-groove where they meet (Photo 7).