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(tŏn`shər) [Lat.,=to shave], formerly, practice in some Christian churches of cutting some of the hair from the scalp of clerics. In the West the tonsure consisted of a circular patch on the crown of the head from which the hair was kept cut; some tonsures kept the entire head shaved above the ears, and some retained a broad band of hair around the head. Different religious orders had different tonsures. In the 6th and 7th cent. one of the outstanding questions between the Celtic use and the Roman use was the tonsure, which the Celts made by cutting the hair off the front part of the head. The Roman Catholic Church abolished the practice of tonsure in 1972. See orders, holyorders, holy
[Lat. ordo,=rank], in Christianity, the traditional degrees of the clergy, conferred by the Sacrament of Holy Order. The episcopacy, priesthood or presbyterate, and diaconate were in general use in Christian churches in the 2d cent.
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a church ritual in Christianity. The rite of tonsure is performed upon admission into the clerical or monastic state. It was adopted from the custom of cropping the hair of slaves in Rome and Greece and symbolizes “enslavement to god.”

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Thereafter, the Stage Manager makes an announcement: that he has been decreed by king Bhupatindramalladeva to perform the play Parsuramopakhyana in order to amuse and entertain the royal invitees from various lands on the occasion of the tonsure ceremony of the prince.
If only he had the courage to have a tonsure," I thought, "his head would be toasty warm.
Brother Paul in The Devil's Novice provides another cause for receiving the tonsure.
Rituals: Salutations, Tonsure, and the Saint of the Day
Come on, Ally, it might have been a bald 'spot' in the mid90s, but now we're talking a full Nevin-esque tonsure that wouldn't look out of place at the Buckfast Abbey.
The most typical location of hair loss is a tonsure pattern at the crown of the head, usually showing as patchy alopecia surrounded by unaffected hair.
Penelope Dimond's Antonio was simply ridiculous and sounded like a cartoon voice-over; Gabriel Reidy seemed to have modeled her Borachio on Gollum from The Lord of the Rings; Jules Melvin interpreted Verges as a man who, for no accountable reason, kept hurling himself full length on the floor while her representation of Friar Francis in a plastic, joke-shop tonsure, had her looking and sounding like something from The Muppets.
They welcomed him into the fold in the traditional way - by giving him a tonsure.
Warshauer has tonsure mated for the College since 1984.
Sewell charges headlong if a shade humorlessly at the role, a monastic tonsure atop his head, and navigates well the dense set pieces, a painful retelling of the Abraham and Isaac story included.
10) Though he does not specifically mention "temples" here, Uma no kami continues with a description of women who go so far as to take the tonsure, making it obvious that temples are their primary destinations.