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To set the horizontal cross hair of a theodolite in the direction of a grade when establishing a grade between two points of known level.
The inclination of a geologic structure, especially a fold axis, measured by its departure from the horizontal. Also known as pitch; rake.



a city and administrative center of Plungė Raion, Lithuanian SSR. Located on the Babrungas River of the Neman River basin. Railroad station on the Klaipeda-Ŝ iauliai line. Population, 16,000 (1974). Plungė has factories that produce linen fabrics and artificial leather. It also has a butter factory and plants that manufacture structural elements and silos. There is a building technicum in Plunge.

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FREEZE A CROWD J These girls from the Royal Oak took the plunge at Charmouth beach ICE ICE ZBABY A Brighton swimmer braves the cold in a bikini
They built a ramp using wooden pallets and pumped water from the pool in the garden of a house at Llangystennin, near Colwyn Bay, before Jack was led out - soaking but otherwise unhurt Jack took the plunge after escaping from his paddock and was found in the water by owner Debbie Giacomet.
To Die For star Nicole, 32 - who caused a sensation when she took off her clothes in a West End play - took the plunge during filming for her new movie Birthday Girl in Surrey.
The men who crew the Sir John Fisher lifeboat, based at Workington, Cumbria, took the plunge and let their inhibitions - and clothes - sink without trace to pose for the calendar, launched yesterday to coincide with the 175th anniversary of the RNLI.
She took the plunge while working on Roseanne in 1990.
We also realized that the only way to guarantee we would be able to find such a company was to create one, so we took the plunge and formed FutureTech.
Last yea about 300 took the plunge on a relatively balmy day.
It might seem barking mad but Fosco took the plunge like a pro - and went on to give a display of his military skills for the crowds below.
A COUNCILLOR took the plunge after having a double heart by-pass to raise funds for the Teesside hospital that treated him.
The Duchess of York, 47, wore a daring low-cut silver frock - while Bea, 18, took the plunge in a black dress.
Some crept in from the water's edge for a quick dip while others took the plunge from a nearby gantry and the bravest jumped from the surrounding dock wall, to cheers from onlookers.
STAFF and customers at a West Bromwich pub took the plunge to help raise thousands of pounds for a hospital - with a sponsored bungee jump.