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27) Significantly, the event of getting lost is not reported in the letter of 1790; however, when Wordsworth narrates the journey in 1804, he purports to recollect his eyes' failure to perceive the road in the stream and their attraction to the upward climbing path across it, He could just as easily be narrating the failure of period Alpine topographers to achieve a clear and consistent representation of three-dimensional forms and topographical features.
Between the Theseion and the Anakeion sequences there is, however, as 19th-century topographers often observed, a clear syntactical break, with none of Pausanias's characteristic word links that would indicate that the Anakeion was necessarily located near the Theseion.
In addition to increased legal and technical support, the organization has hired a topographer and secured computer software used to create maps.
The optometrist also purchased a hand-held topographer that can be used for treating patients at remote locations like a nursing home and for wheelchair-bound patients.
This sorry deed is done with the complicity of a lawyer who assumes no responsibility for it, with the blue print drawn by a topographer on top of our existing blue print, with three false witnesses who sign the same identical declaration, and of a mayor (alcalde) who orders the registration on the word of the lawyer, and to an I.
Snyder, the unit's assistant topographer, had "collected some specimens.
For example, Stonewall Jackson's famed topographer, Jedediah Hotchkiss, wrote the volume on Virginia, and Confederate cavalry commander Joseph Wheeler penned the volume on Alabama.
On return to the camp, after a day traveling in wide circles, it was decided the topographer Billy Gillespie should take a shotgun and some shells and go with Jack LaBelle back to the end line and fire off his gun at about noon of the following day.
He must have been talented, because division commander von Steinwehr was a knowledgeable topographer and cartographer.
29) In that telling little grammatical moment that reverses the implications of topographic control from the topographer to his spaces, Stow adds: "There is no Place which (to the best of my Knowledge) I have escap'd" (sig.
In addition, he was well known as an author, topographer, and meticulous researcher.
On the same expedition, a topographer surveyed the area for the first map of Crater Lake, and Steel named many of the prominent features, including Wizard Island, the symmetrical cinder cone rising 763 feet out of the water that resembles a medieval wizard's hat.