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the branch of onomastics that studies toponyms (place names), their meaning, structure, origin, and area of distribution. The aggregate of toponyms for a given area constitutes its toponymy. Microtoponymy is the study of the names of such smaller geographical units as localities, springs, whirlpools, and farmlands. Toponymy is closely interrelated with geography, history, and ethnography.

Toponymy is an important research tool in historical lexicology, dialectology, and etymology. Some toponyms, particularly hydronyms, preserve archaisms and older dialectical features and often originate in the substrate languages of a given area. Toponymy aids in reconstructing the history of peoples and in defining the boundaries within which they lived. It also helps to determine the areas in which languages were once prevalent and to locate former cultural and economic centers and trade routes. The transcription of toponyms establishes their original spelling and the period of their introduction into other languages; this information is used in military cartography and in all types of communication.


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To tell a myth thus maintains sharp the memory of a territory, and the topographic accidents, which constitute toponymy, represent knots of memories, which make it possible to couple an episode of a myth with another or a whole myth to another.
In Finnish folk toponymy, the statues are called Kivimiehet, the "Stone Men".
Legislation regarding toponymy (place names) is also likely to be part of revised legislation.
We have just been informed by the Commission of Toponymy that the Municipality of Waterville has never filed a re quest with them to eliminate the name, so "Gilbert Hyatt" is still registered with the Provincial Government.
In the research there, the investigation of sailing routes, harbour sites, shipwrecks and other archaeological sites is combined with cultural history in its widest sense (for instance, toponymy is of great importance in the research); physical characteristics of the landscape such as topographical peculiarities of the coastal regions are also considered (i.
A more comprehensively labeled map of Ellesmere Island and Greenland, or better yet, a copy of Hattersley-smith's (1998) toponymy, would greatly assist most readers.
Zacinto is a proper place, with a proper name--a space that could genuinely be used to orient one's travels, despite the attendant difficulties of national identity and toponymy.
There are also moments of adventure for adventure's sake reminiscent of Percival Wren's Beau Geste, as when we glimpse life lived on the edge by legionnaires at Ug Gug and Tabelcut, whose toponymy was as exotic as their locations were remote.
Having climbed so many mammary peaks and explored so many orificial caves, I can corroborate his assertion that the male monopoly of power has so often expressed itself in the imposition of a masculine lexicon of sexual toponymy.
What is significant is how and why these names have come to be changed and what this represents for the Norfolk community's opinion on toponymy, notions of uniqueness, and also the process of name changing in a situation that could be labelled 'quasi-indigenous'.
If any Assyrianization took place, one would expect to find clear indications in those fields which in comparable cases--such as the Roman empire or the Soviet Union--were the principal targets of systematic measures aiming at adaptation to the imperial culture: language, religion, toponymy, urban architecture, infrastructure and town planning, weights and measures, and population policy.
In Italy, the organisation Toponomastica Femminile (TF) (toponomastica means toponymy, the study of place names) was set up in January with the aim of persuading councils to give women equal prominence to men when streets are named.