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a drop of the secretion of the lacrimal glands



a drop of the clear, slightly opalescent fluid secreted by the lacrimal glands. Tears are slightly alkaline. They contain as much as 99 percent water and 0.9 percent inorganic matter, chiefly sodium chloride and small quantities of sodium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and calcium phosphate, as well as the antibacterial enzyme lysozyme; other proteins constitute 0.1 percent. Tears moisten the anterior surface of the eye and prevent it from drying, wash foreign bodies out of the conjunctival sac, and participate in the nutrition of the cornea.


run, 3
1. In roofing, the horizontal distance from the face of a wall to the ridge of the roof.
2. In stairways, the width of a single stair tread.
3. The horizontal distance covered by a flight of steps.
4. The runway or track for a sash.
5. A small stream of paint flowing vertically on a
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Gordon Brown's character has been torn to shreds of late.
NEWCASTLE'S unbeaten home record was torn to shreds as Portsmouth claimed a fourth successive away victory with a stunning first-half salvo at St James' Park.
Understandably, the nervous systems of all such creatures are currently being torn to shreds, as lightning flashes and bomb-like blasts reverberate around the region.
Irving stands on the brink of disaster as one of his manuscripts - his masterpiece - is torn to shreds by his editor Andrea Tate (Hope Davis), a woman of few words, most of them sardonic.
The Hoax puts a fictionalised gloss on the true story of Clifford Irving (Gere), a struggling author whose manuscript - his masterpiece - is torn to shreds by his editor, Andrea Tate (Davis), a woman of few words, most of them sardonic.
To avoid being torn to shreds by the PC brigade, such housing is never advertised as child-free, though that is the intention and I can well understand the desire to live on such a development.
After an even first half with some decent football we were all over the shop and torn to shreds by one of the worst Rangers teams ever-twice the comical Sebo ghosted past our defence and because he is so bad he could not finish-laughable
NEWCASTLE'S Uefa Cup dreams were torn to shreds in Holland as Scott Parker saw a late 'winner' disallowed.
Gareth Tinnuche, vice captain of the club, said: 'Six greens have been torn to shreds.
Despite being part of the defence that was torn to shreds by Newcastle United last Saturday, teenage defender Stuart Giddings is just happy to be playing.
A virtual reality show in which viewers are torn to shreds, incinerated and vaporized, and live to tell their stories.
They returned it, torn to shreds, but Heidi's plight touched the nation and her bravery was recognised by the Sunday Mercury when she became a Wonderkid.