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a large dog, usually red in colour, which is a cross between a mastiff and a Great Dane: originally developed for dog-fighting; it is not recognized as a breed by kennel clubs outside Japan



a province in feudal Japan, in the southeastern part of the island of Shikoku.

Together with the provinces of Satsuma, Choshu, and Hizen, Tosa formed a coalition of southwestern provinces that opposed the house of Tokugawa in the 1860’s. The Tosa samurai entered into an alliance with bourgeois circles and played an important role in the incomplete bourgeois revolution of 1867–68 (seeMEMRESTORATION). In 1871 the province became part of Kochi Prefecture. In the 1870’s and 1880’s, Tosa provided many of the leaders of the liberal movement for the adoption of a constitution, most notably Itagaki.



a medieval Japanese school of painting that developed the traditions of the yamato-e school. [26—355—4]

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The ministry will widen the scope of dangerous dog breeds, which currently includes Tosas, pit bull terriers, rottweilers and their mixed breeds.
TOP 10 MOST DANGEROUS DOGS THERE are only four banned dog breeds in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 - the Fila Brasileiro, Dogo Argentino, Pit Bull and Japanese Tosa.
The company stated Tosas as a leading manufacturer and distributor of value-added bituminous products for roads, adding that Tosas footprint includes bitumen processing and storage facilities inland of South Africa as well as a significant presence in Namibia and Botswana.
BANNED Japanese tosa, BANNED Dogo argentino, BANNED Fila brasileiro
We watched in horror as a massive Tosa dog, standing 24in tall and weighing up to 16 stone, ripped his rival's ear to shreds with one bite.
As it is difficult for equipment to release its internal heat due to the high-density mounting of the optical transceiver, the TOSA is required to operate over a wider temperature range than before.
With a smaller flexible printed circuit (FPC), which is an electric interface between modules and transceivers, and a highly efficient laser diode, Mitsubishi Electric's new TOSAs for 10Gbps and 8Gbps enable perfect installation in small optical transceivers compliant to SFP+.
The resistance on the VSC7965 MD input can be set to support monitor output currents from 5uA up to 4mA, maximizing the accuracy and eliminating the need for more expensive TOSAs.
In 2005 Eudyna will be introducing a full line of TOSAs, ROSAs, and other optical component and module products and GaN (Gallium Nitride) power devices for several microwave applications.
Opnext will continue to design the transceivers as well as their key components such as TOSAs and ROSAs.