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The making of an artificial joint.
Reconstruction of a new and functioning joint from an ankylosed one; a plastic operation upon a joint.



an operation that restores function of a joint.

Indications for arthroplasty are ankyloses, improperly knitted intra-articular fractures, and deforming arthroses. Arthroplasty consists in disconnecting the joint extremities, modeling new joint surfaces, and placing between them layers of the patient’s tissue (skin or fascia). Caps of cartilage or fetal membrane (amnion) are also used. Preserved joint extremities (homohemijoints) or whole joints (homojoints) taken from corpses, artificial joint heads of plastic or metal (for example, the head of the femur in arthroplasty of the hip joint), and artificial joints (for example, metallic prostheses of the hip joint or of finger joints) are widely used. After the operation, prolonged functional treatment (therapeutic exercise, physiotherapy, and massage) is mandatory.


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