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or tourney,
in the Middle Ages, public contest between armed horsemen in simulation of real battle. In this military game, which flourished from the 12th to the 16th cent., combatants were frequently divided into opposing factions, each led by a champion.
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X-MAS Bingo tourney extravaganza is spread over 3 levels starting from December 5, 2015.
ae/sport/tennis/organisers-receive-strongest-endorsement-that-rafa-nadal-will-play-in-abu-dhabi) The National , a United Arab Emirates-based website, which stated that IMG, the organiser for the Dubai tennis tournament, has gotten commitment from Nadal's camp that the Spaniard will play in the tourney slated from Jan.
March 13, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The college hoops tourney is a seasonal ailment that afflicts millions of Americans every March.
The first Yahoo service to require the new sign-in process is Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick'Em, a service focused on the NC college basketball tournament which begins later this month.
The change to the Tourney Pick'Em sign-in process began on Monday, the Yahoo spokeswoman said, noting that users could still access other services with Google or Facebook IDs.
The $1500 GTD Double-Chance Deepstack Hold'em Tourney the day after Christmas and the Holiday NL Hold'em $2000 GTD December 30th will be high points of the week that includes freeroll and bounty tournaments and a $500 Added Omaha event.
As I read the papers and listen to the radio, I'm getting tired of hearing Jerry Allen and George Schroeder say how the Ducks and the Pac-12 deserved to be in the NCAA tourney.
Forty-eight teams will participate in the Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) tourney which is scheduled to take place over the weekend.
From then on, follow your chosen knight as he battles in a fierce tourney and cheer him on at Rhuddlan Castle on Sunday 4th April.
He was champion of the Coventry and District Draughts League and won the Handicap Tourney, in 1913.
Given the audit department's size, automating testing of controls "would allow us time, with a small staff, to accomplish over 100 audit tests every week automatically, look at the results and engage the business process owners in looking at their own controls," Tourney says.
So when charged with launching the new Tourney Fungicide to the turf market,