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Tranexamic acid decreases external blood loss but not hidden blood loss in total knee replacement.
Oral versus intravenous tranexamic acid in enhanced-recovery primary total hip and knee replacement.
The effect of tranexamic acid in blood loss and transfusion volume in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis surgery: a single-surgeon experience.
After evaluation of the testing results, patients were asked to take two tablets of 250 mg tranexamic acid after meal, three times a day for 16 weeks.
According to envelopes result, the experimental group injected 3g of tranexamic acid in 40 mL of sterile saline into hip articular cavity from intermuscular space following fixation of the implants and closure of articular capsule, short external rotators, whereas the control group received 40 mL of sterile saline in the same way.
Seizures after open heart surgery: comparison of epsilon-aminocaproic acid and tranexamic acid.
Tranexamic acid is a cheap, effective and easily stored drug that has been shown to have a survival benefit when given to bleeding trauma patients.
Patients and Methods: One hundred and twenty cardiac surgical patients were randomly divided into two equal groups, one receiving local protamine while the other group receiving local tranexamic acid before chest closure.
6 Your doctor can give you a variety of treatments including progesterone, a clotting drug such as tranexamic acid and anti-prostaglandin to control the bleeding.