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The government plans to require cryptocurrency exchanges to share users' transaction data with banks, in a potential move to impose taxes on the transactions, an official at financial authorities said Sunday.
All lenders, especially online and payday lenders, need banking transaction data technology and analytics, according AccountScore, based in London with offices in the U.
Kantar Shopcom, the analytics and insights division of Kantar Retail, will partner with IRI to integrate Kantar Shopcom's retail purchase transaction loyalty card data with IRI's national consumer panel data and point-of-sale transaction data and jointly create a portfolio of all-outlet, multi-channel media planning, targeting and measurement solutions.
According to an ICBC official, in response to the SME financing difficulties of information asymmetry between banks and enterprises, lack of effective mortgages, and insufficient guarantee, the Bank has worked hard to analyze the real transaction data of these merchants and managed to turn such data into appraisable value.
9 May 2013 -- California-based payment processing services provider Signature Card Services said it is acting as the launch partner for transaction data technology Tranzlogic.
NEW YORK -- One of the most valuable benefits from retail technology is the vast amount of transaction data accumulated through point-of-sale systems.
The device is equipped with an optical interface that scans the transaction data on the PC screen and transfers them to the display of DIGIPASS 736.
Global research firm, Real Capital Analyties (RCA) has entered into a long-term license agreement with Nikkei Business Publications, Japan leading source for commercial property transaction data, to incorporate Japanese transaction data into RCA's Global Transaction Database.
of Thorofare, New Jersey, and Milestone Systems of Copenhagen, Denmark, the system helps retailers analyze and manage transaction data with video verification for point-of-sale systems.
To do this in a meaningful way, you need to integrate the bank's transaction data into the profitability equation.
The challenge lies in managing more complex and detailed financial transaction data, relationships and analytics while maintaining the integrity of the accounting process.
Under current law, opt-out requests apply to a consumer's credit history but not to his or her transaction data.

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