transaction processing

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transaction processing

Updating the appropriate database records as soon as a transaction (order, payment, etc.) is entered into the computer. It may also imply that confirmations are sent at the same time.

Transaction processing systems are the backbone of an organization because they update constantly. At any given moment, someone may need an inventory balance, an account balance or the total current value of a financial portfolio. Also called "online transaction processing" (OLTP), the OLTP market is a demanding one, often requiring 24x7 operation and the most reliable computers and networks.

A manual example of transaction processing would be that every time you purchased an item, you added the amount paid to a running total. Contrast with "batch processing," which means that you save all receipts in a drawer and add them up at the end of the year for taxes. See two-phase commit, mission critical, industrial strength and fault tolerant.

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Wall Street Systems is already recognized as the market leader in high performance transaction processing software to a broad range of financial institutions and major multinational corporations.
This inherent service-oriented approach to transaction processing is ideal for today's SOA-based business applications and services that require flexibility, scalability, reliability and maximum performance.
Q Comm offers proprietary prepaid transaction processing platforms, support of various point-of-sale (POS) terminals, product management, merchandising, customer support and engineering.
More and more companies are recognizing the value for outsourcing their transaction processing services," said ARthur Flew, CEO of KARVY Global Services.
This acquisition enables JBoss to expand the reach of open source into the enterprise by making a high-end distributed transaction processing technology readily available," said Christine Martino, vice president of Open Source and Linux, HP.
By automating transactions at the physician office, the Company will be able to deliver higher quality and lower costs for its payer, lab and pharmacy clients, and introduce real-time direct connectivity and transaction processing solutions for all.
Nasdaq: TIER), a leading provider of transaction processing and packaged software and systems integration solutions for public sector clients, today announced the appointment of T.

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