transdermal delivery system

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transdermal delivery system:

see skin patchskin patch,
 transdermal patch,
or transdermal delivery system,
adhesive patch used to deliver a controlled dose of a drug through the skin over a period of time.
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Transdermal delivery systems (TDS) for the first time in 1970s were entered into the US drug market.
Such complex variations will further support the use of LSR technology and will be instrumental in the further evolution in the effectiveness and use of transdermal delivery systems.
The Company's PassPort[R] Transdermal Delivery System also is uniquely suited for delivering highly water-soluble low molecular weight drugs that otherwise could not be delivered transdermally.
to develop and commercialize an undisclosed transdermal product utilizing the PassPort[R] Transdermal Delivery System.
to develop and commercialize a novel daily transdermal patch delivering sustained levels of exenatide utilizing the Altea Therapeutics proprietary PassPort[R] Transdermal Delivery System.
a global specialty pharmaceutical and medication delivery company, for the development and commercialization of an undisclosed product utilizing the Company's proprietary PassPort[TM] Transdermal Delivery System.
Antares has three validated drug delivery platforms: the ATD(TM) Advanced Transdermal Delivery system, subcutaneous injection technology platforms including both Vibex(TM) disposable mini-needle injection device and Valeo(TM)/Vision[R] reusable needle-free injection devices; and Easy Tec(TM) oral fast-melt technology.
Altea Therapeutics has recently made several significant advances in the transdermal delivery field," said Professor Guy, who added "The PassPort Transdermal Delivery System has the potential to expand the classes of drugs that can be painlessly delivered from a skin patch.
In addition to the obvious advantage of patch medications being more palatable for children who dislike swallowing pills, transdermal delivery systems may offer other benefits.