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Tenders are invited for Scanning Electron Microscope with custom sample transfer chamber
Air Classification: ISO Class 5 (EUGMP Grade A) all chambers Airflow Pattern: Single Pass Turbulent airflow to all chambers Number of Air 150 air changes/hr minimum all chambers Changes: normal operation 240 air changes/hr main chamber during aeration 400 air changes/hr transfer chamber during aeration Operating Pressure: Main Chamber +50Pa Transfer Hatch +35Pa Lighting Levels: 700lux within main chamber only Noise Levels: Less than 70dBA Temperature: Un controlled (Monitoring only) Humidity: Un controlled (Monitoring only) Inlet & Exhaust HEPA H14 grade filter having an efficiency of Filtration: 99.
Cirrus Containments has a modular radiopharmacy isolator which has a specific transfer module for housing two technetium Tc99m generators with additional shielding and a two-glove port elution module, which can then be fitted to a choice of glove port working zone and a further type D transfer chamber for the removal of product from the critical zone.
The Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes feature an LCD display with microprocessor controls for automatically evacuating and refilling the glove box main chamber or transfer chamber up to 199 times with clean inert nitrogen or argon gas.
This reduces weight to 35 kg and results in a design compact enough to mount directly on the loadlock or transfer chamber in a variety of positions.
After the holding-pressure phase, the transfer chamber is filled with material for the next cycle.
Applied Materials will integrate these cast components into its next generation 200- and 300-mm wafer ion implantation transfer chamber systems used in the fabrication of high-speed, reduced power consumption semiconductor devices.
Display of all process parameters (Sollwerte- and actual values): gas flows, reactor pressure, throttle position, RF power ICP source, RF power electrode Reflected services, matching positions, bias voltage, electrode temperature, helium pressure, heating, process time, process chamber -Vacuum, transfer chamber vacuum, vacuum loadlock.
Features include Siemens PLC/HMI, materials transfer chamber for continuous batch processing, an integrated weigh system, integral Telstar glove tester, safe change HEPA filtration, contained transfer port, vacuum system and temperature/RH monitoring.
Counterbalanced, space-saving inner and outer transfer chamber doors pivot upward and are equipped with quick-latches and pressure relief valve.
The transfer chamber currents were not corrected for humidity.