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RCD clamping Transistorized Active clamping clamping Fly back converter 320 V 425 V 200 V Forward converter 350 V 450 V 250 V Table 2: Analysis of Clamping techniques of Fly back converter.
The only thing left was the ignition coil containing the previously described transistorized trigger.
In addition, innovations in load-sense hydraulics and transistorized controllers increase battery shift life over previous generation units.
As with the individuals who have chosen Apple's alternative to computing, we who have chosen to "think tubes" instead of adopting the conventional wisdom of the transistorized equipment camp, are often thought of as kooks, or mavericks bent on trying to prove the unprovable.
Ameyoko-cho vendors and shopkeepers have spread their goods almost to Akihabara - otherwise known as Electric City - the world's merchandising capital of all things CD-ROMed, transistorized, silicon-chipped and cathode-rayed.
Delco produced the first successful signal-seeking automobile radio in 1947 and followed that with the introduction of the first completely transistorized automobile radio 10 years later.
The second is that of an extremely sensitive trace mechanism coupled to a transistorized servodrive motor.
These arrays will be transistorized and packaged so as to allow third parties to test and validate standard memory test protocols, including power, speed and robustness.
To provide real-time information to Mission Control, the IBM team installed and maintained three large-scale computers which funneled all flight information: two 7090 transistorized computers located at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland and a 709 computer in Bermuda.
Model 400B Dole[R] Moisture Tester is a complete transistorized, portable moisture meter that features the capacitance method of measurement for dependable readings.
In 1968, the industry was to be largely affected again when Winegard invented the first transistorized antenna preamplifier, named The Red Head.
The director and executive producer of 22ND CENTURY is Gino Del Guercio (RED GOLD, TRANSISTORIZED, NERDS 2.