transition route

feeder route

feeder route
i. A route designated on instrument approach procedure charts for aircraft to proceed from an en route structure to the initial approach fix. Also called a transition route. See also arrival segment.
ii. Air route or service that feeds traffic to major domestic or international routes.
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For this purpose, The possible scope of services ("out of the box") are discussed, Starting points for customizing, The possible transition route (duration and milestones) and a first price indication are obtained.
We see this restriction all the time, even if we don't realize it, when we see a transition route on an approach chart marked "Procedure NA for arrivals on .
Ethiopians come to Yemen, using it as a transition route to another country where they can seek economic opportunities.
Instead it will be a place for cooperation, business and economy, and a main transition route between central, south and east Asia," he added.
By hunting the transition route, you stand a better chance of intercepting a buck after first light and also before last light.
At the end of the meeting, the officials issued a statement in which they agreed on energy and goods transit from Oman to Central Asian countries via Iranian territories; surging joint investment on transition route to shorten the route and decrease transition expense; and promotion of railway infrastructures linking south Iranian ports to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
The circular said the related personnel would focus on intelligence works on smuggling of migrants and share this intelligence with the related units, "all necessary efforts will be underway to prevent Turkey from being transition route," the circular said.
Given the extent of its coasts and its proximity to Malta and Lampedusa, Libya has become the primary transition route, ahead of Tunisia, for illegal migrants from sub-Saharan Africa.
Since then 62 students also have taken that transition route.
For example, with the introduction of our new Evolve[TM] suite of next-generation shrink management products, Checkpoint is providing retailers with a new, state-of-the-art platform to improve shrink management, including the provision of an efficient transition route to RFID.
The arrow defines the transition route from the enroute environment (Augusta VOR) to the IAF (DUNNS).

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