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a lexical-syntactic category of verbs denoting action upon an object.

In a sentence with a transitive verb, the subject is the subject of the action and a noun in the accusative or genitive case is the object of that same action, such as in stroit’ dom,”to build a house,” and zhdat’ poezda,”to wait for a train.” Transitivity plays an important role in the formation of the nominative construction. The same verb, depending on its lexical meaning, may be transitive or intransitive (that is, not governing the accusative case in an object without a preposition and acting on an indirect object), as in Russian pet’,”to sing,” and pisat’, “to write,” or English “to fly,” and “to run.”

The category of transitivity-intransitivity in Russian and other European languages has no morphological expression but may be associated with the word-formative structure of a verb. A distinction is made between direct transitivity, expressed by actual transitive verbs, and indirect transitivity, expressed by intransitive verbs (zabotit’sia o rebenke, “to look after a child,” or zavidovat’ soperniku,”to be envious of a rival”). There is no universally accepted opinion as to the nature of transitivity-intransitivity.


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We have already seen that this interpretation offers no threat to transitivity.
Comparison with other languages such as French and Dutch shows that this extension of transitivity types in the English middle is also dependent on the nonreflexive realization of the conducive relation.
As we have seen, transitivity is a week reed upon which to hang anything, let alone indifference curve "analysis.
The test consisted of 300 trials, divided into 60 baseline trials, 60 symmetry trials, 90 transitivity trials and 90 equivalence trials.
With permeable membranes and dynamic membership in classes, it is difficult to maintain the principles of transitivity and inheritance.
5] Property FD DRD MVD Reflexivity yes yes no Augmentation yes yes yes Additivity yes yes yes Distributivity yes no yes Projectability yes yes yes Reverse Projectability yes no no Transitivity yes yes yes Pseudotransitivity yes yes yes
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The stimuli in a transitivity probe are related to each other by linkage to a common nodal stimulus that served two functions in training across two conditional discriminations.
However, Stuart Rachels and Larry Temkin, taking their lead from Parfit, have concluded, instead, that the Repugnant Conclusion can be avoided by denying the axiom of transitivity with respect to the all-things-considered-better-than relation.
My estimate is that it will be in the ballpark of 9 percent for end-2015, in view of the fact that lower oil prices will be offset and the lagging transitivity effect from the depreciation of the lira will kick in.
That a particular morphological category regularly displays transitivity in Younger Avestan cannot be used to support the transitivity of corresponding forms in Old Avestan as long as we cannot be sure that the former is not influenced by the latter.
5000 K, high transitivity opal diffuser for defuse lighting