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(nuclear physics)
A nuclear process in which one nuclide is transformed into the nuclide of a different element. Also known as nuclear transformation.



the conversion of atoms of one chemical element into those of another as a result of the radioactive decay of the atomic nuclei. In physics, the term “transmutation” has fallen into disuse. It is used mainly in radiobiology, since the transmutation effect exhibited by radionuclides incorporated into the tissues of an organism can be an important factor in the substances’ biological activity. In genetics, transmutation sometimes refers to all gene mutations or those mutations that are induced by a radionuclide that has been absorbed by tissues.

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We argue that the CD community, in partnership with value-minded providers of CD products, can avoid the value-eroding effects of conventionalization through a transmutation of the gluten-free market.
Transmutation and conventionalization represent directions along a continuum over which a product and product literacy either rises or falls in value to the original or primary consumers.
French researcher Louis Kervran spent decades investigating this biological transmutation.
The type and amount of transmutation depend upon the plant and upon the germinating medium.
The transmutation set for converting an ABAB/aabb to an ABAB/aaaa quatrain, for example, is 1432, 2341, 3214, 4123.
The 1950s were ripe for change and spawned the new cosmology of Velikovsky, which indirectly led to space exploration; these were the years which saw the advance of nuclear energy and the transmutation of theretofore-unknown elements and isotopes.
CETI also claims that the cells produce transmutations and is leasing kits, complete with beads and technical support, for $3,750.
Most often we think of transmutation in terms of the old alchemistical canard of turning base metals in to gold, but it goes far beyond that into the social and economic structure of a culture--such as when a new or improved art form or technology gives a jump start to or revitalizes the culture, which in a broad sense can be termed a renaissance.
The transmutation of one thing into another by science or magic, by hope or threats, by fair means or foul, hasn't been too effective over the storied history of humankind.
Inventive in concept, prosaic in its reiterations as a clothing standard, dazzling in its transmutations through ordinary and extraordinary textiles, the sari is an ancient device and decorum of Indian dress.
in both case it is imagined that Sherman is a gifted impersonator, an actress, and that her characters are an effect of her transmutations of personality.
That is, someone is in murderous pursuit of the dispersed contents of a twelfth-century Islamo/Sicilian library whose reassembly would permit yet another transmutation or transformation of the luckless world into something else.