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(nuclear physics)
A nuclear process in which one nuclide is transformed into the nuclide of a different element. Also known as nuclear transformation.



the conversion of atoms of one chemical element into those of another as a result of the radioactive decay of the atomic nuclei. In physics, the term “transmutation” has fallen into disuse. It is used mainly in radiobiology, since the transmutation effect exhibited by radionuclides incorporated into the tissues of an organism can be an important factor in the substances’ biological activity. In genetics, transmutation sometimes refers to all gene mutations or those mutations that are induced by a radionuclide that has been absorbed by tissues.

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After explaining fundamentals about Latin and Greek, and the mechanisms by which words from them transmute into English, she surveys words in government and politics and in the social and natural sciences.
Kelley McIntyre in December, unifying leadership in the region as the agency s Contingency Contract Administration Services mission continues to transmute.
Rather than transmute the rush and joggled logic of the protagonists' passions into bastard, improvisational story lines that go nowhere on purpose, Wong's new film is a careful, even overly deliberate attempt to have his lovers' emotional aches and outbursts amount to something larger than the sum of their gauzily beautiful struggles in the moment.
A five-year contract has been secured by the IT firm iGate with Orange Communications SA (Orange Switzerland), valued at USD 80 million, to transmute the telecom provider's IT infrastructure and rationalise its vendor landscape in Switzerland.
What differentiates humans from other species is this capacity to transmute the biological structure of communication into words, sounds, and images in order to interact with others and with the world.
The project would transmute mental health services for people in Lancashire, and put some of the Commission s recommendations into practice
And they will be halted in their tracks if their presentation transmutes into a sales pitch
In 1891, Friedrich Nietzsche completed Also sprach Zarathustra, in which he elaborated upon his conception of the Ubermensch, that rationally superior person who spurns conventional Christian "herd morality" and transmutes himself, like a triumphant alchemist, to fully realize human potential and creative mastery.
The mysteriously deep friendship that binds two boys, one middle-class, the other a semi-psychotic rebel, transmutes the magic of childhood and adolescence into a nightmarish paranoid fantasy.
Zadiel: Transmutes the lower energies and helps with forgiveness, diplomacy and tolerance.
With a Jackie Chan karate chop to the stereotype of the submissive Asian woman, Magdalen Hsu-Li answers back in the name of all outsiders--not as an agitprop political shouter but in the seductive voice of a tenderhearted artist who transmutes anger, beauty, and hope into a fully realized album.
For example, the model of a new type of African American literature which elevates or transmutes elements of "folk" culture into "high" culture proposed in Johnson's Autobiography of an Ex- Colored Man (1912) is heavily marked by Synge and other Irish writers.