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(nuclear physics)
A nuclear process in which one nuclide is transformed into the nuclide of a different element. Also known as nuclear transformation.



the conversion of atoms of one chemical element into those of another as a result of the radioactive decay of the atomic nuclei. In physics, the term “transmutation” has fallen into disuse. It is used mainly in radiobiology, since the transmutation effect exhibited by radionuclides incorporated into the tissues of an organism can be an important factor in the substances’ biological activity. In genetics, transmutation sometimes refers to all gene mutations or those mutations that are induced by a radionuclide that has been absorbed by tissues.

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In Section 2, we discuss the general theory behind the transmuted distribution and present useful representations for the density and cumulative functions.
Brian Molanphy shared his fiery critical-creative self in forms of ceramics, performance and teaching and while doing so he transmuted the college into a better place.
The request for get-well cards was transmuted into one for business cards.
Later came Made in France: French Tales with a United States Twist (1893), ten stories transmuted rather than translated into American idiom and folkways--including one story by Bunner himself, hidden among the rest and undetected by most contemporary critics.
Scientists have known that ores can serve as natural neutrino detectors because they contain certain atoms that have been transmuted from other elements during reactions with neutrinos.
But is transmuted into new arrangements of neutrons, electrons, genes,
Finally, in Cancionero y romancero de ausencias (1958; translated as Songbook of Absences, 1972), poems written in the years of his imprisonment (1938 - 41), the despairing voice of a prisoner, near death and longing for his wife and son, is transmuted into an expression of love and mystical faith.
The aircraft, with state of the art avionics and on-board system, has transmuted IAF capability to undertake missions from short runways like in Jammu in all weather conditions landing at Jammu airfield.
He concludes that Jung's views of evil can be mitigated through Berdyaev's creativity in which it can be transmuted through love of God.
Here, the long eastern side of the museum is transmuted into a habitable wall with seating, a children's play area and parking spaces for taxis.
If that mutates into something that can be easily transmuted between human beings it would make the plague of locusts look like just a bit of a nuisance.