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see shootingshooting,
firing with rifle, shotgun, pistol, or revolver at stationary or moving targets. The term shooting is also used in Great Britain to mean small-game hunting.

In the 19th cent.
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a shooting sport in which the targets are clay pigeons sprung from traps. The gunner stands at one of several stations located directly behind and a little to each side of a single trap or, in skeet, located along a semicircle with a trap at each end.

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They don't explain that the trapshooters experienced unusually strong wind in Boise, Idaho.
They also donated $110,000 to the foundation for the Junior Trapshooters of Missouri Inc.
Her Best Shot contains 34 illustrations of women with guns, including the androgynous Calamity Jane posing with her shotgun in buckskin pants, jacket, and necktie and the quite feminine trapshooters of a Wisconsin women's shooting club, whose guns test alongside their corset-like bodices and long skirts (both from the late 1800s).
Jake Wallace, of Stevenson Ranch, is among the nation's top trapshooters in his age group.
I guess you trapshooters don't get very dirty shooting trap.
In his article on non-scientific expert testimony, Imwinkelried provides numerous examples of non-scientific experts, including farmers, carpenters, and trapshooters.
Larry and Brenda Potterfield of MidwayUSA recently donated $250,000 to the Foundation for the Junior Trapshooters of Missouri, Inc.
This donation from the Potterfields and MidwayUSA will help us accomplish our vision of developing young trapshooters, the future of our sport," said William Fienup, foundation president.
Jim Foster, who represented Mid-America PVA (but lives in Texas), has for years been one of the best trapshooters around.
It often happens to veteran trapshooters, perhaps the cumulative effect of hundreds of thousands of rounds.
Once he began walking again at 13, he kept on shooting, and today he is among the world's top trapshooters in his age division.