tree of heaven

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tree of heaven:

see ailanthusailanthus
, any tree of the genus Ailanthus, native to the warm regions of Asia and Australia. Ailanthus wood is sometimes used for cabinetmaking and for the manufacture of charcoal.
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POPPY TALK: War veteran Wally Stockley chats to young pupils after they planted a tree of heaven Pictures: COLIN LANE
Tree of heaven, which creates toxins that suppress the growth of surrounding plants, can produce up to 325,000 seeds annually and now chokes fields and forest edges in 42 states.
CAREFULLY take all root cuttings of plants such as Tree of Heaven, Californian poppy and Japanese anemones and bring them on in a cold-frame.
Background: The invasive alien plant species (IAS), Ailanthus altissima (commonly known as tree of heaven, or ailanthus), is one of the most harmful and widespread invasive tree species in Europe.
Plant species targeted on state park and forestlands include: mile-a-minute weed, Japanese stilt grass, barberry, tree of heaven (Ailanthus), invasive honeysuckles, autumn olive, phragmites, Japanese knotweed, purple loosestrife and reed canary grass.
Features included cedars of Lebanon, among the finest in the country, a Tree of Heaven, a magnificent magnolia, and peacocks strutting about the garden' Caernarfon carpenter Io Lloyd is pictured repairing wooden beams at Capel Gwydir near Llanrwst, on December 6 1956.
Two hundred years ago, a Philadelphia gardener imported the Chinese tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima), and Chinese immigrants later introduced it on the West Coast.
Evans sees tree of heaven and Japanese barberry, garlic mustard and stilt grass invading the heart of the forest.