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For example, jumping spiders appear to exhibit remarkable diversity in the spectral sensitivities of their principal eyes, ranging from UV-green dichromacy through trichromacy to tetrachromacy (Blest et al.
Anomalous trichromacy involves reduced sensitivity to one of the three cone pigments and includes protanomaly, deuteranomaly and tritanomaly in which the spectral sensitivity of the red, green and blue cone receptors is altered.
All types of red-green deficiency are caused by loss of a photopigment gene needed for normal trichromacy.
The experiment was not properly designed to test trichromacy, and does not provide evidence for its support.
Berman and Clear highlight what they believe to be errors in our statistical analyses and misunderstandings in our application of trichromacy.
Steward and Cole (1) carried out a survey to assess the difficulties that are reported by colour deficient observers and concluded that anomalous trichromacy is a nuisance but dichromacy is a serious problem.
Furthermore, other scientists have found some surprising possible consequences of the evolution of trichromacy.
17) A considerable percentage of people with anomalous trichromacy will report seeing both digits.
Trichromacy of human vision permits the mixing of three spectral primaries to create white light.