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Luhmann, Granschloss is able to show in a first, highly theoretical chapter, some of the shortcomings of the classical tripartite scheme of exclusivism, inclusivism, and pluralism in response to the religious other, suggesting instead a more differentiated model of interreligious hermeneutics and perceptions, which not only includes the further categories of "exotieism/inferiorism" and "modality" but also suggests a much more nuanced tonality to address a multidimensional array of possibilities in interreligious hermeneutics.
True to the critique of the tripartite scheme in the first chapter, Grunschloss takes issue with John Hick's and others' definition of pluralism, which he perceives, true to his methodology, as "Inclusivism on a meta-systems level.
Here he finds a similar tripartite scheme, but now the first thanksgiving has been replaced by a series of christological motifs drawn from the paschal homilies of the second century.
Second, he seems to force all of the anaphoras he treats into a tripartite scheme and appears entirely to dismiss the research on the origins of thanksgiving sacrifice (zebach todah) made popular by C.