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A multi-carrier GSM phone with two, three or four SIM cards. Dual-SIM phones are popular with global travelers who use local and foreign carriers as well as people who want a business and personal line in one device. Triple SIM and quad SIM phones support three and four carriers respectively. Following is the alphabet soup. See SIM card.

DSSS (Dual SIM Single Standby)
Older dual SIM phones had one transceiver and only one carrier would be active.

DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby)
Also called "DSS" (Dual SIM Standby). Two receivers/one transmitter. Accepts calls from one carrier at a time.

DSDA (Dual SIM Dual Active)
Two transceivers enable calls with two carriers simultaneously.

TSTS (Triple SIM Triple Standby)
Three receivers/one transmitter. Accepts calls from one carrier at a time.

QSQS (Quad SIM Quad Standby)
Four receivers/one transmitter accept calls from one carrier at a time.
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Il est a rappeler que cet indicateur ne reflete pas reellement la penetration de la population vu qu'une bonne partie des abonnes mobiles disposent de plus d'une SIM (double SIM ou triple SIM, voire meme plus).
Never worry connecting with colleagues or friends with this gadget's Triple SIM support.
Narayanan doesn't find it convenient to carry eight phones around and this is why he believes smartphones should start having a triple SIM card slot.
Dual SIM isn't uncommon, but you'd be hardpressed to find a triple SIM smartphone anywhere.
This has become possible through the use of Giesecke & Devrient's (G&D) triple SIM card and market-leading subscription management software solution which enables mobile operators to now stock a single SIM card instead of the many different SIM cards they have to at present.
He ruled out any phablet by Acer in near future, but indicated that the company will continue dual SIM card options in smartphones and may introduce triple SIM card option in future phones.
LG Electronics, which continues to expand its footprint across Saudi Arabia with a host of academies for women and sought-after premium brand products, and also incorporates green technology in its premium products, is set to launch a new Optimus Series & Triple Sim mobile phones, according to James Park, regional MEA chief executive officer of LG Electronics based in Dubai.
Zen Mobile launches M111 - a triple SIM triple standby phone - for Rs.
19 -- AKAI Mobiles, a division of one of the largest Japanese Consumer Electronics brand, AKAI India, announced the launch of their first triple SIM phone 'Trio'.
It will unveil the first gaming QWERTY phone and a triple SIM offering GSM/ GSM / CDMA.
But there is also a larger than earlier estimated double and triple SIM holders.
One in ten mobile phones sold in the region are now dual SIM on average, according to GfK, a market research company, and triple SIM card devices are being launched.