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1. (in ancient Rome) a ritual procession to the Capitoline Hill held in honour of a victorious general
2. Cards an obsolete word for trump



under the Roman republic, the ceremonial entrance of a victorious general and his army into Rome. The triumphal procession, which began at the Campus Martius and ascended to the Temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline, was led by the members of the Senate and the magistrates. They were followed by the victorious general, who, crowned with laurel and bearing the attributes of Jupiter, rode in a chariot pulled by four white steeds. Attending the chariot were musicians and singers. Close behind marched the general’s troops, who carried the spoils and led the prize prisoners of war. When the procession reached the Capitoline, sacrifices were offered to Jupiter before the formal division of the spoils. Then a public feast and games were held in the Circus Maximus.

Triumphs, which were organized by authority of the Senate, represented the highest tribute that the state could pay to a victorious general, whose name was inscribed in the fasti triumphales (official records of trimphs). Under the empire, however, only emperors and their immediate relatives were honored by triumphs.

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But Teesside may well have been there in spirit - rumour has it that the structure of the Triumphant Arch is stuffed full with Boro shirts.
In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Triumphant Life Church of Worcester, 166 Holden St.
Unbridled Roman, sixth in the Santa Anita Derby on April 4, went postward as the 5-2 co-favorite with Triumphant Flight.
Hamburg reign triumphant at the Emirates Cup EuropeeIUs big guns humbled by JoleIUs victorious HSV HamburgMartin Jol and his winning HSV Hamburg team stood triumphant on Sunday night as the winners of the summereIUs biggest international pre-season football tournament, the Emirates Cup.
A LEAGUE APART: The triumphant Gateshead College squed
I fear that mere congratulations seem rather inadequate on such a triumphant occasion, but I am thrilled that your single-minded dedication and ceaseless labours have produced such a stunning Welsh victory.
The triumphant Christ is front and center in the passage from Revelation.
Whelan takes Rachel's story through to its triumphant conclusion.
In a relaxed public address, Hadid avoided the opportunity to appear triumphant, choosing instead to give credit to her long-term collaborator Patrik Schumacher, and project architects Jim Heverin and Tiago Correia.
Throughout the course of eight solo albums, Amos has intimately explored topics both tragic (rape, religious hypocrisy, miscarriages) and triumphant (survival, self-discovery, sexual empowerment), often using a cryptic lyrical code that can be frustratingly difficult to crack--"Wrap yourself around the tree of life and the dance of the infinity of the hive," anyone?
As originally broadcast on public television, MacArthur is the documentary of a true American military hero, General Douglas MacArthur--America's most decorated officer in World War I, and a man who recovered from severe defeat from the Japanese in the opening months of the Pacific campaign, to make an ultimately triumphant return to the Philippines in World War II, and who masterminded a brilliant invasion in the Korean War only to be severely reversed by overwhelming Chinese forces.
Roper, on pointe, struggles to get flee; each part ends with the men collapsing to the floor while she stands, triumphant.